KPOP CHARTS - 4Minute and Afterschool opening acts for SBS's 'Idol Big Show'

4Minute and Afterschool opening acts for SBS's 'Idol Big Show.'

The Idol huge Show” on SBS airy October 2d as a special Chuseok celebration (click here for previous article).  The show was created from performances and short interviews by many of Korea's current Kpop chart-toppers. 4Minute was the primary onstage to open the show with a solo by HyunAh diversion to Usher's “Bad Girl” and she or he was joined by her fellow members as they danced along to Beyoncé's “Déjà Vu.” once college followed suit performing arts a horny dance variety to the Pussycat Doll's “Buttons” that enclosed a chair routine and lots of hair moving. Of note, once School's noted “cute” member, Uee, noted for her “honey” thighs, ne'er smiled throughout the performance giving her a somber look onstage. 4Minute came back with a lively up-tempo performance of their latest single “Musik” and showed off their dance skills. With all of the “sexy” vogue diversion, it had been fascinating thanks to jumpstart the show.

Kara followed with 2 trot (Korean vogue singing) songs: Jang Yoon Jung's “Oh My!” (Omona!) and Kim Hae Yeon's “It's a Snake” whereas wearing cutesy college lady uniforms. They modified up their vogue for a horny hip hop image showing off their moves to a megamix of Madonna's “Music”, Wreckx-n-Effect's “Rump Shaker” and woman Elliot's “Work” sporting a strive against hip hop “street” apparel that consisted of a black and white color palette, shirts worn 0.5 on/half off and baseball caps. Of note: one shirt scan “Nirvana” whereas another one scan “White Sox”. Also, 3 members wore loose black pants with one trouser leg rolled up, a mode unremarkably seen sported by Kpop stars giving a nod to the designs worn by boys and hip hop artists like early 90s LL Cool J. additionally to the girls' performances, Kara's Hara brought cameras into their shared lodging to awaken her fellow cluster members for a brief video break within the program. Audiences were ready to see a district of Kara's non-public lives through Hara's antics. but tired and sleepyheaded the ladies ar after they awaken, they convince be as cute because the stuffed animals untidy on their beds and say, “God Moning” to the cameras. once breakfast, they want off their make (youngest cluster member), Jiyoung, as she leaves for varsity in her uniform. The remaining members ar showed lolling around their lodging watching photos on the net and taking note of songs moreover as mimicking dance routines of fellow lady teams.

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